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Preparing for the Future


(l-r) Dr. Willis J. Meriwether III, Cortland Meriwether, and Robert Meriwether

Making plans for the future can seem overwhelming. However, by carefully thinking through your objectives, and making adjustments as needed along the way, you can ensure that you have a sound plan that will work for you.

An effective estate plan will bring you peace of mind that the assets you have worked so hard to acquire will be protected and transferred seamlessly according to your wishes. “Once my estate plans were finalized, I felt a great sense of relief and accomplishment,” said Jerry Newmark (’41) of Jasper, Alabama. “My plans include supporting family members while also creating a legacy at The University of Alabama through an endowed scholarship. Working with my financial advisors throughout the process provided assurance that my goals will be met.”

Laying the foundation

An up-to-date will is the primary building block for establishing a solid estate plan. Even if you already have a will, changes in your life may dictate you rethink your long-term goals and the needs of your family. Have you moved to another state? Has your business expanded? Maybe you have remarried or now have grandchildren. All of these situations are good reasons for taking a fresh look at your will and initiating any adjustments.

Making financial decisions

Determining your financial goals and future needs is an important component of creating a successful long-range plan. Do you have an aging family member who will require long-term care? Would you like to provide educational funds for a loved one? Many options are available for transferring property during your lifetime and through your estate. We suggest you seek the advice of a professional advisor to determine when and how to transfer assets in a way that meets your goals and takes advantage of tax savings.

Moving forward now

The steps you take today will affect the lives of your loved ones tomorrow. In this issue you will find tips on how to set up an estate plan that works for you. As always, please call us if you have any questions.

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