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In these uncertain economic times when interest rates are languishing in the basement, charitable gift annuities might be worth a look. Charitable gift annuities can supplement your income, reduce gift, estate, and income taxes, and allow you to make significant gifts to charities that are important to you, such as The University of Alabama.

What is a gift annuity?

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and the Capstone Foundation at The University of Alabama. You make a gift of cash or securities to UA, and in return The University of Alabama agrees to pay you and/or another person a specific amount for the rest of your life or lives. Payments may be made annually, quarterly or monthly to fit your preference.

Building retirement income

You can establish a series of gift annuities over time to boost your retirement income. Rates generally increase with age so each gift annuity generates a higher payment to you.

Helping those you love

A gift annuity offers a variety of options and we can help you determine the best fit for your needs. In addition to setting up payments for your lifetime, you have the option of arranging a gift annuity with survivorship benefits for one other person. You will have the assurance of guaranteed income for your life that will continue for the life of your surviving spouse or special loved one.

What to give

Giving cash may be the simplest way to fund your charitable gift annuity. With cash you will benefit from immediate tax savings and a portion of each payment may be received income tax free.

Securities that have increased in value but still yield less than desirable income might be another good choice for funding your gift annuity.

The gift that gives back

Your charitable gift annuity to the University helps UA continue the long tradition of offering an excellent education to students who are making a difference all over the world. You may direct the remainder of your gift to support the program(s) at UA that you specify. At the same time, your investment in the University is furnishing you with a stable income for the rest of your life.

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